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From “the michael galpert experience”

I was talking to a recent grad who was upset that a company she wants to work for doesn’t want to hire her because she doesn’t have “enough experience”.

My advice was simple:

Don’t wait for them to hire you.

If you want to work at a startup, just start working there.

At startups there are plenty of things that need to get done.

Last thing anyone wants to do is be slowed down by having to manage someone else’s time.

My suggestion was to just start working on something that you feel the company needs or that you know the company is trying to actively hire for.

Don’t ask for permission, just get started.

Steve Martin is known to say

Be so good they can’t ignore you.’ 

But what makes someone good? 

The character trait I find most common with people that cant be ignored, ispersistence.

I believe that many people fail because they give up too easily.

If you want something, dont be discouraged by the roadblocks.

There will be plenty of barriers on the path of life, you decide where and when you stop.

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